Fuel Efficiency Training

For those looking to reduce their company fuel consumption


Trainers are knowledgeable and user friendly, no matter your skill levels


Any vehicles used will be fully insured


Any vehicles used meet New Zealand road laws


All courses include tea, coffee, meals at meal breaks


Water and refreshments available in training room

Fuel Efficiency

The cost associated with fuel is around 20% of the costs transport companies face. This cost is often passed on to the end user through fuel surcharges. This means it is not always something the transport company monitors greatly.

The interesting thing with fuel consumption, is that it shows a great deal around other driving areas that they do monitor and want changed. Maintenance, tyres, speed and even employment related items like driving hours are all linked to fuel consumption.

The belief that driving fuel efficient is slow, is proven to be an old wife’s tail. The is nothing further from the truth. In fact, with modern day vehicles if they are using fuel correctly, they are faster than ever. It is not all about speed.

• Having someone mentor truck drivers to be efficient has several benefits to it because of this.
• You can still charge the fuel surcharge, but reduce your costs
• You will have lower maintenance cost
• Your drivers will find driving easier and be more alert
• The drivers and other motorist will all be safer
• You will be helping meet or carbon emissions requirements
• Cost will reduce and profits increase.

We have a very in-depth process for this and would love to talk with you about how we can help.

The costs to this are not huge, but the benefits are massive.
As a rule we are able to obtain around a 10% fuel saving on an ongoing basis.

This is using a system we have developed, that continually monitors and updates your drivers on where they sit in the company around their fuel consumption.

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