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Trainers are knowledgeable and user friendly, no matter your skill levels


Any vehicles used will be fully insured


Any vehicles used meet New Zealand road laws


All courses include tea, coffee, meals at meal breaks


Water and refreshments available in training room

Garry Edwards

Garry is new to the company.

He has come to us with a great deal of skills and knowledge and has proven to work well with a wide range of customers.

Garry has experience in working with people and educating them when they have not traditionally done well with education.

He is undertaking driver licensing and both theory and practical training in a wide range of the services we offer. Garry has a great personality and gets on well with people.

He shows compassion and integrity to ensure our clients have the best possible chance of achieving the results they desire.

Allan Murphy

Allan Murphy

Allan has been involved in driver training for over 20 years. This is at many levels. He has in-depth and specialist experience and knowledge in:

Material Handling

Crash Investigation

Truck and Trailer training and driving

Fuel Management

Allan started out with a small training establishment in Huntly in 1995. This rapidly grew to become one of the countries leading driver training companies and at the time he sold it, had 8 branches, many staff and a large corporate base of transport companies using the services.

From this time, Allan’s skills and knowledge in the transport industry have seen him develop many skills to help transport companies grow and prosper. These are based on how to blend education into the industry. The real-world training style and course development skills he has used have not only seen drivers improve but reduced running costs for companies while they meet all the compliance levels required to do one of the most heavily compliant industries in New Zealand.

Being able to develop training material from scratch that is based on the company is a real saving, that has the staff showing results, understanding and wanting to comply with the rules.

While working since the sale of the Private Training Establishment he set up in Huntly, Allan has decided to work with James and set up the venture in Waharoa, as the industry has shown the need for the skill set, we both have. The road toll, delays in freight, recruitment issues and fuel costs are all now far more than what most in house driver trainers can deal with.

When adding to this the ongoing developments in technology are something most driver trainers have a poor understanding of and the continued self-development of attending, courses, seminars and dealing with manufactures has us with a resource that is frequently unmatched.


Regular Training Times

Our training schedule runs the courses at regular intervals, with some courses running weekly and other driving courses running monthly.

Our Trainers

All of our trainers are knowledgable, have years of experience and are friendly.


We have a wide range of experience and skills in dealing with large and small employers.

Drive27 is able to look after National transport companies with ease.


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